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  • Sasha Naasz

Find Your Balance

As the year is coming to an end we spend time on reflection. Taking our attention and intention inwardly. New Year's resolutions are made mentally or even written down on our new 2018 Year Planner or fancy phone app. Plans to travel, eat healthier, exercise, take on a new hobby or set goals to reach long- desired dreams...

Everybody does it. I even do it. It's like a restart button at the close of an ever escalating crazy-hectic year. As the clock strikes midnight we breathe a sigh of relief. Ahhhhh..... Let's just start again. This time I will be better to myself, kinder to others, volunteer more, show more gratitude, hug a little longer and tell those I love just how much I love them. The list is endless and I want to get it all right THIS NEW YEAR.

But let's be realistic. While it is great to set your mind right and be ready to go full force into the new year trail blazing and your hair on fire, be sure to find the balance. You are human. Allow forgiveness. You might deviate and it's ok. Allow time and give yourself time. If you want to dedicate more to yourself know that there IS time to balance YOU and your other obligations.

There is a reason I am in the business of health and fitness and a reason why better health and fitness is the TOP TWO on the new year's resolution lists. Those two things are vital to a happy life. When you feel and look your best happens when you devote the time and energy to being your best. And looking your best by NO MEANS is a certain size or shape. It is what you FEEL when you are doing something good for YOU. Fueling your body and burning energy the way it was intended. We are not homo sapiens to be idle and loathing. Get out there! Do things! Find your balance and carry it through the entire year.

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