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  • Sasha Naasz

"Everything looks a bit different".

You've seen the "new normal" posts, drive-thru birthday parades, face time visits with grandparents, more mask wearers than full faces. Our annual dance showcase is always a spectacular show with a fantastic finale bringing all performers on the stage together one last time to celebrate our love of dance and commemorating the end to an amazing show. This year is not going to look like this. In fact, we won't have our traditional finale dance at all. Instead, we will have several smaller shows to split up our dance groups and only be at a 12% capacity in the audience. But, alas, the show must go on and our dancers will shine on the big stage! They may not have a full house, but they will have full hearts being able to experience just a small piece of "normal" with a proper dance recital. So here's to the performers, the parents, the fans watching live feed at's to keeping the art of dance alive, even if it looks a bit different.

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